Friday, 16 September 2016

Work in Progress Time for a Quick Pint before Sunday Dinner

Another Acrylic painting on canvas board, the recent paintings seem to have taking me a couple of days from the initial idea to the finished painting which if you know me this isn't what I normally do. It could be that I'm working with acrylics rather then oils, I prefer Oils in everyway but I'm moving very soon and I don't want to move with wet paintings I had enough of that when I was at college. This painting and the "Bag-Wash" painting I have produced without using a ground, I normally use a ground for a couple of reasons however I wanted to try painting straight on the canvas. I have noticed due to the transparency of the paint its letting the white of the canvas board shine through making the end painting more vibrate and luminous in the way turner use it for lights in his skyscapes. Anyway the painting is an image out of my memory of my local pub which I spent a lot of time in during my youth when pubs use to be pubs, a place for socialising. The pub used to be called The Bowling Green in Denton, Manchester which is still there now and still open but with a different name and a different crowd.  


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