Monday, 10 March 2014

Totally new painting on Canvas Panel

Instead of trying to fix the last lot of paintings that got destroyed with the collapsing book shelf I've decided just to get on with a new painting. I'm still waiting for the oil paints to dry on the damaged paintings so I cant really see if I can fix them yet. I was looking through some books I have of Manchester and Stockport and came across the image below from about 1895, I managed to read one of the posters which were advertising a Fireworks display at Belle Vue on Tuesday 04 September this would make the image from 1900 or 1893.


This is the original image I came across from a book titled Stockport: A History written by P Arrowsmith. The image is from an area known as Rock Row the only building left standing today is the dome shape which is from St Peter's Church.

I scanned the image from the book into Photoshop and made a grid to transfer the image on to a canvas.

As I just wanted to get on and get it finished ASAP I decided to get out the acrylic paint instead of using oil paints.
Below are a few photo images from different stages of the painting.

Below is the finish painting, I varnished the picture with a gloss spray before I took the image which was a big mistake. As you can see I have made the houses in better condition then the original photograph, I believe the photograph was taken not long before the buildings were demolished. Today the areas is known as Mersey Square in Stockport, I also moved St Peter's Church up slightly and added a few characters along the way (artists rights).

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  1. Very nice painting with great details, thank you for sharing with us all the steps of your art work !!!